Meet Melissa Marsh, Founder and Executive Director of Plastarc

Episode Summary

[01.02] Plastarc Landscape [03.18] Research Phase of User Experience in Workplace Environment [05.52] Technology At Workplace [07.50] The Future of Work: Designing Workspace [10.22] Workspace Event Programming [12.52] Workspace Amenities Impact on Employee Experience [17.23] Workspace As a Social Network [19.58] Vision of Plastarc in 5 or 10 years

Episode Notes

[01.02] Plastarc Landscape

Plastarc is social research and people analytics for the architectural environment. They deeply focus on the human experience of architecture and the scale of the built world both understanding how people impact architecture and design experience but also how buildings and the shape of the space and the characteristics of the space around people.

[03.18] Research Phase of User Experience in Workplace Environment

Plastarc is consulting services around the design of both the physical environment, the technology environment and the personality of the environment.

They conduct three characteristics research to get great user experience strategy. Firstly academic, secondly anthropologic and lastly analytic.

[05.52] Technology At Workplace

Smart buildings are social buildings. And the future of intelligent buildings and intelligent environment coming from both kind of social media side of data as well as direct interaction with the people.

[07.50] The Future of Work: Designing Workspace

The coworking will be driven by the freelance economy but the free desking physical environment will likely be driven by the wellness and fitness benefits of the spaces.

[10.22] Workspace Event Programming

The program or activation must be sustainable. If space isn't making money that it can't pay for digital content or event content or a curator. There needs to assist an economically sustainable programming model one of the best of those is a community.

In the best of coworking spaces which might be a good model for a community, there will be both an organization or institutional level of programming and also community-led programming.

[12.52] Workspace Amenities Impact on Employee Experience

Market leaders of coworking like WeWork who do have amenities setting an expectation and changing the kind of baselines or standard expectation from buildings that don't have amenities to buildings that do have amenity.

The amenities include fitness wellness, food, conference, event spaces, lounge, coworking, community spaces. When organizations are picking a neighborhood, they're more likely to be looking what the restaurants available around the neighborhood.

When it comes to parking and transportation, there is a couple of different shifts one is suburban locations and urban environments.

As people spending more time at work, it's important to focus improve restroom as a daily amenity in workplace environment.

[17.23] Workspace As a Social Network

Based on Allen curve research which is the closest we are physical to people, the more likely we will have an interaction with them.

The digital social network has been an extension of the physical social network, so the future is a better balance between the two.

[19.58] Vision of Plastarc in 5 or 10 years

The vision is to make the world a better place and providing services, tools, and methodologies to make workplaces better.

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